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Ebon Hand + Bonscrapper vs. Dal'Rend's Set (DPS) :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 3 0 Italian headquarters in Russia Winter Camo Colour :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 1 0 'Wedge' Lem 'Tankette' A Conceptual Schematic++ :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 2 0 Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. F mit 7,92x94 mm Mauser E.W. 141 :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 6 3 T-34/85 Turret with 100 mm D-10S Auto-loader :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 3 5 Pz.Kpfw. IV Schlachtross Projected Model Evolution :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 4 0 T-54/85 without T-54 Track Armour Screens :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 2 3 Polish T-34/85M3 with Full Turret Screens :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 3 0 Polish T-34/85M2 with T-34 Track Screens :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 2 0 Tygrys Bengalski 152 :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 3 4 Tolkienesque Dwarven Coins :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 2 0 Tolkien Dwarven Coinage :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 4 0 Bastard Sword +2 'Vindicator' (Small) :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 1 0 Bastard Sword +2 'Vindicator' (Large) :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 1 0 Bottle of Holy Water (Item B.A.M.)S :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 1 0 Bottle of Holy Water (Item B.A.M.)+ :iconwithinamnesia:withinamnesia 1 0


RAGE - Painting video in the description :iconshadcarlos:ShadCarlos 218 13 Dragon :iconyurevart:YurevArt 1,375 181 Swarm :iconyurevart:YurevArt 523 66 Arcs :iconyurevart:YurevArt 330 16 Render of 20/25tp :iconescodrion:Escodrion 2 0 Polish WWII era Heavy Tank - 25tp KSUS :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 4 Polish WWII era Self-Propelled AT Gun - 7tp P-Panc :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 0 Polish WWII era Self-Propelled Artillery - 7tp D :iconescodrion:Escodrion 3 0 Polish WWII era Medium Tank - 20tp :iconescodrion:Escodrion 6 7 Polish WWII era Self-Propelled Artillery - 9tp D :iconescodrion:Escodrion 2 0 Polish WWII era Tankette - TKS with Nkm wz. 38 FK :iconescodrion:Escodrion 2 0 Polish WWII era Tankette - TKS :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 0 Polish WWII era Heavy Tank - 25tp BBTBr.Panc. M :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 0 TACAB Colour Profile :iconwingsofwrath:wingsofwrath 92 12 TACAB Armour Plan :iconwingsofwrath:wingsofwrath 33 13 TACAB General Plan :iconwingsofwrath:wingsofwrath 67 10


Try to get a 'deal' to do Music Album covers. Look at the old 'Boston' album covers (… ) and look at you...


Ebon Hand + Bonscrapper vs. Dal'Rend's Set (DPS)
For Classic World of Warcraft 1.12.1: Kronos Private Server:
Ebon Hand + Bonscrapper vs. Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge + Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian (D.P.S.)

Ebon Hand + Bonscrapper: 67.68819875776397515527950310559 + 55.142857142857142857142857142857 = 122.83105590062111801242236024845

Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge + Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian: 52.0 + 56.547619047619047619047619047619 = 108.54761904761904761904761904762

Average Damage: (Attack Power + Dense Sharpening Stone + Average Weapon Damage) + (Crusader Average Damage) = Total Average Damage

- Ebon Hand: 131.42857142857142857142857142857 + 8.2142857142857142857142857142857 = 139.64285714285714285714285714286

- Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge: 135.6 + 10 = 145.6
'Wedge' Lem 'Tankette' A Conceptual Schematic++
A possible Conceptual Schematic of the Polish 'Wedge Lem Tankette A, yet without turret 20 mm / 37 mm / 40 mm auto-cannon(s) mounted.

Tank Details:…

Google 'Translate': "Following the overland battleship in a letter to Stanislaw Lem walked two projects tankettes. The first was called "A wedge" and the car was a length of 2 meters, a width of 1.3 meters and a height of a little less. Her device is incredibly easy. Reservations consisted of a rolled belt steel, bent and compressed as necessary. The front part of the body had a beveled shape that was supposed to provide maximum stability and armor strength.

Resulting tankette And movement had a gasoline engine. The crew consisted of a Red Army soldier, who, being in a position reclining, would be governed by a heavy machine gun with one or two light mounted in a partially rotating turret. Conduct a review he could through the front and two side peepholes.

"Wedge of the above type, even more mechanized machine-gun nest, its task is the following: cover tank heavy type of frontal attack and destruction arms in front (disc mines, anti-tank missiles, etc.)",  - Lem wrote. However, he provided for the type of machine "A" one more function: setting smoke screens. By placing in a container with wedgies smoke producing substance, it would be possible to achieve a reliable masking and cover in some parts of the front.

Finally, thanks to the support and the arm, which would be located at the stern, A wedge could take on the armor of a soldier. Several hundreds of these light vehicles could carry out transfer of infantry in the amount of up to battalion."

The above 'Wedge Lem Tank' schematic is based upon the T-60 Model 1941 (One of the smallest Soviet 'tankettes' / light tanks) and measures in (without the armament(s)) at an estimated 2.44 meters long (that still technically rounds down to ~2 meters!:-P), 1.3 Meters wide (without track over hang) and ~1.3 Meters tall (trackless road wheels only).

The engine could be a single GAZ 202 / GAZ 203 engine (~70+ hp if tuned right) with a redesigned compact transmission (perhaps less gear options). Two crew members are required to operate the tank; one crew member is impossible with a fully rotating turreted design. As to how they crew fits inside the tank? It is a simple answer: ~short people squatting at an angle (with varying severity depending on how short the person is).

As for armour ~50 mm of base armour thickness at the front could be done even with a 70 hp engine. Given that the T-60, T-70 and T-80 light tank series were larger tanks and had quite a high hp/t ratio even with two tandem GAZ 202 / GAZ 203 70 hp (~140 hp combined) engines; the 'Wedge' Lem tank could get away with a single ~70+ hp GAZ 202 / 203 engine and 50 mm of frontal armour having the tank being so absolutely tiny! Although the side armour thickness would have to be quite thin 15-30 mm thick with the rear, roof, and bottom being very thin at 5-15 mm (most likely 10 mm). If the 'Wedge' Lem Tank weighed 6 tonnes (that being weighing more than the 5.8 tonne T-60 light tank with (a) 20 mm, 37 mm, 40 mm auto-cannon(s) and ~50/15-30/10-20/5-15/5-15 mm of armour) the 'Wedge' Lem Tank would have a horsepower to tonne ratio of ~11.7 hp/t.

Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. F mit 7,92x94 mm Mauser E.W. 141
Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf.F, Panzer I Ausf.F, Pz.Kpfw I Ausf.B (Sd.Kfz.101), VK 1801 neuer Art mit 7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser E.W. 141 (x 2 Optional)

Armament: 7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser E.W. 141, MG 34 or an additional 7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser E.W. 141

Main Armament Guidance: +20/-10 degrees (manual)

Turret Armour: 80/80/80/20 mm
Hull Armor: 80/80/80-60/30-20/60-20 mm

Combat Weight: 21 tonnes (7.14 horsepower per tonne with a maximum speed of 25 km\hr @ 150 horsepower) [SLOW!]

Engine: Maybach HL 45 P (6 cylinder inline liquid cooled petrol engine producing up to) 150 horsepower at 3,800 rpm (with 4 gears forwards and 1 gear reverse)

Possible Engine Upgrades:
- Mayback HL 66 P (6 cylinder inline liquid cooled petrol engine producing up to) 188 horsepower at 2,800 rpm (8.95 hp/t) [Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C (VK 6.01)]
- Maybach HL 50 P (6 cylinder inline liquid cooled petrol engine producing up to) 200 horsepower at 4,000 rpm (9.52 hp/t) [Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. D (VK 6.02)]

Radio: Fu 2 (Receiver) / FuG 5

Crew: 2 (3 possible; hull radio operator / [assistant] loader)

7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser E.W. 141 Effective Armour Penetration Calculation:

34 mm @ 100 meters @ 0 degrees: Armour Piercing
55 mm @ 100 meters @ 0 degrees: Armour Piercing (Tungsten Core)

7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser E.W. 141
7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser Panzerbüchse 38
7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser Panzerbüchse 39

(War Thunder 'Effective' / 'Standardized' Armour Penetration Values / Tests) 2 cm Flak 30/38 / Kw.K. 30/38 (45 mm A.P.I.-T. @ 100 meters @ 0 Degrees / 63 mm H.V.A.P.-T. @ 100 meters @ 0 Degrees) divided by
(German Standard Armour Penetration Tests…) 2 cm Kw.K. 30 and 38 (23 mm A.P. 2 cm Pzgr. A.P. @ 100 meters @ 0 Degrees / 40 mm A.P.C.R. 2 cm Pzgr. 40 @ 100 meters @ 0 Degrees)
times (same barrel length and ammunition 7,92x94 mm Patronen Mauser Panzerbüchse 39 German Armour Penetration Tests divided by 30 cos (to make vertical) with the A.P. round extrapolated
from the 8 mm A.P. / 13 mm A.P.C.R. percentile difference (0.61538461538461538461538461538462) of the ubiquitous armour penetration values of the 7,92x94mm MG 34 for the 7,92x94mm Patronen A.P. round.
T-34/85 Turret with 100 mm D-10S Auto-loader
(Polish) T-34/85 Turret with 100 mm D-10S Auto-loaded via (Czechoslovakian) 100 mm AK-1 Auto-loader Schematic.
(YouTube video related to this Polish vehicle:… )

Size Accurate Depiction. Weapon Guidance: -6° of Gun Depression / ~22° of Gun Elevation. The 100 mm AK-1 Auto-loader just BARELY fits within the T-34/85 turret to the point that I was not comfortable with original the gunner's elevation aiming wheel's size (possible lose of gun elevation) thus I redesigned the gunner's elevation aiming 'wheel' to be smaller but still fully functional!

Polish Army Late 1940's / Early 1950's Inspired Depiction.
I should Really Learn how to use Blender, Google Sketch Up, and most of all Unity Game Developing Engine. Also I Should start getting up at 10:00 more often. I Should get a Digital Scanner; for my numerous other Drawings, Concept Art and other stuff. Also I should get You Tube Camera for Rocket Powered Ice Cream and get my Mass-Airsoft Gun Order Finalized. Then I could make some reviews for them later.

Basically My Objectives Boil Down To:
-Learn 3D Modeling and Game Developing Software
-Create more Concept Art / Work
-Finalize Airsoft Gun Order
-Get a Proper Entry Level You Tube Camera
-Get a Digital Scanner on the Cheap.

Take Care!, I hope that you have a Better Day!

Update: 9:04 PM 09/09/2014

  • Mass-Airsoft Order Cancelled: Switched with New Computer order.Old computer is now dead; need a new computer for high quality modeling and Unity video game designing.
  • I'm currently Learning how to use Google Sketch Up.
  • I'm 'Currently' Working on a new 'RPG', Baldur's Gate: Path of the Lost Odyssey and B.o.W.
  • YouTube Plans Delayed.
  • Found Digital Scanner, Programs Failing; need to Re-Download Hewett Packard 'Printer-Scanner' Programs.
  • Planning a 'Move' and Airsoft Revitalization with Airsoft-Airgun 'Redevelopment'.

That is 'Pretty-Much-It'. For now At-least...


'Inigo Montoya'
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Nothing 'Pushy'; Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

Take Care Everyone and Have Fun!

"Spite and Assumption only Lead to Paths of Self-Inflicted Blight and Destruction".

P.S. I tried "-1" but it did not work. So instead I went with "101" because it Looked like "lol".

:/ Bummer.

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About my Panzer IV nA. Either we keep it as a fictional WW2 Panzer, and it will take surely a while before I finish your proposals...
Or we turn it into a Colda tanks, which means :

- light gray paint (applied to every Colda vehicle)

- new fictional materials (so lighter weight, stronger armour and so through)

- new gun possibilities (ultra strong recoil springs so heavy gun with big breechs (thinking of your doubtful 128/150mm gun proposals) can fit effectively)

- new engine possibilities (I'm creating a totally new engine based on something I've created alone, it makes you curious right ?)

- possible use on a fictional ice planet with a decent war scenario, along with other Colda AFVs
withinamnesia Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure that sounds like a great idea Erwin! The tank could be 'celebrated' as both a fictional World War II fighting vehicle that branched into a 'Colda Tank'. (I could put both into 'Project: B.o.W.' for I have interlinked Vehicle Progression Structures:
Historical [e.g KV-2]  <->  Semi-Historical [e.g Pz.Kpfw. IV Schlachtross]  <->  Fictional [e.g. Colda Tanks, 'Film Tanks' (e.g Indiana Jones Panzer)]
Erwin0859 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
Someone gave me the idea to make some WoT-like tech trees for Colda and Sabaku, so it could eventually come up somewhere in it :)

So tier I to tier X~
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